8 Tips To Keep Your Used Car Healthy This Winter

8 Tips To Keep Your Used Car Healthy This WinterUsed Cars don’t always have the fresh factory capabilities of a car you just drove off the lot. Chances are if you have a few more miles on your car and many other minor quirks that will require more maintenance than the newer cars. This means keeping up on your car, especially when it comes to driving in the winter.

We don’t know what to expect this winter, and quite frankly it’s the warmest one we’ve seen in a while. However, with snow on Pikes Peak, we are predicting a storm or two in the future. It’s best to prepare your used car for the winter to keep it as reliable as possible so you can feel confident going about your daily tasks.

Whether you are buying from a dealership or a private party, investigate the history of the vehicle and the work that may need to be done to keep it in ship shape. Your safety and the safety of your loved ones is very important so put that first with our list of 8 Tips to Keep Your Used Car Healthy This Winter.

  1. Check Your Owner’s Manual. Your owners manual will tell you which parts of your car should be serviced and when. It can also give you information on how to care for your car during the seasons.
  2. Make sure your tires are winter-safe! If you are due for a tire change, don’t delay. New tires could be the difference between you and your car going on an unwanted slide through the snow. Depending on the weather and amount of snow you experience each year, all-season tires may be your best bet.
  3. Add Heet® to your vehicle’s gas tank. Heet® is a solution you add to your fuel that sinks to the bottom of your tank and mixes with water collected at the bottom. This prevents your gas line and fuel pump from freezing when you start and drive your car.
  4. Replace wiper blades and fluid. Choosing the winter windshield washer fluid is helpful for that little bit of frost that collects on your windshield each morning. But it won’t work as well without a good set of wiper blades. Prepare for blizzards and have the best visibility while on the road.
  5. Regularly check your oil and change when necessary. In the winter, your oil can thicken, and this makes it harder for your car to turn over on a cold morning. If you just purchased a used car, changing your oil is a good idea as well. When changing your oil, make sure servicemen use multi-viscosity oil with “W” in the viscosity index. This means the oil is designed for winter use.
  6. Check your Heater and Defroster. Nothing is worse than getting in a car on a cold morning and discovering your heater doesn’t work. No matter how long the drive to work is, when you’re teeth are chattering the whole way, it can ruin your mood and your morning. Make sure everything is functioning well and check frequently.
  7. Check your Battery. Car batteries can take quite the hit in the winter. At 0°- ish temperatures, a battery can have only half the cranking power it needs to start a car. While your battery is powerful, check it frequently to make sure you don’t get stranded and make sure it has enough power to get your and our day started.
  8. Brake Check. With slippery roads on the cusp of arrival, making sure you have sturdy brakes could keep you out of a simple fender bender or a dangerous car accident. If you’re getting your oil changed, or brand new tires, brake checks often are checked for free.

Need help gearing up for the winter season? Visit us at Phil Long Hyundai at Chapel Hills, and we can provide you with all services listed above to keep your used car healthy this winter.


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