Hyundai to Film Super Bowl Commercial After Kickoff

2017 Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial in Colorado Springs
2017 Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial in Colorado Springs

The 2017 Super Bowl Date begins in less than a few days on February 5th, at 6:30 PM ET.

By now you’ve probably stocked up on your Bud Light Patriots or Falcons beer, too many pots of homemade chili, countless bags of chips to go with your salsa, and you’ve even perfected your game day face-paint. No matter who you are rooting for this year, chances are, we are all coming together to watch two teams make history once again, but we ask you this year to keep some tissues nearby.

But maybe you don’t like to watch football as much as you love the performances and the commercials attached to them. If you’re one of those people out there who watches the Super Bowl just for the commercials, and we know there are a lot of you out there, prepare for some wonderful Super Bowl news and a commercial that may pull on your heart strings. No this doesn’t have to do with Lady Gaga’s Halftime show performance, although, we’re sure she’ll move you in some way too.

Hyundai is filming their ad for the Super Bowl, but it’s not like the one last year featuring Kevin Hart and the new Hyundai Genesis. In fact, it may not be geared very much toward a vehicle at all. Inspired by the love of football and the love of the military, Hollywood Director, Peter Berg of “Friday Night Lights,” plans to bring the true reality of this year’s Super Bowl to three lucky people on the other side of the world.

When Hyundai Motor America’s Eric Springer told the NFL their plan for this year’s Super Bowl commercial, their response was, “Yeah, it makes total sense.” Their plan was to film the commercial after kick-off at an undisclosed location overseas, where they have prepared a rather kickass party for a few lucky soldiers in a battalion of the U.S. Army.

In a room decked out with massive TVs, mics, cords, cameras, and probably every other tech you can think of, Hyundai will be giving three soldiers the opportunity to watch the Super Bowl as if they are sitting in the luxury box at NRG Stadium. They plan to use 360-degree immersive pods to make them feel like they are physically present at the game, and honestly, what football lover would turn that down?

Filming will begin almost immediately after kick-off and is estimated to take an hour and 15 minutes to film and edit this 90-second ad. Once approved by FOX, NFL, and the military, the commercial will air as the confetti drops from the stadium ceilings.

Last year, Hyundai won USA Today’s Ad Meter and the commercial featured a nervous dad, Kevin Hart,  loaning out his Hyundai Genesis to the young man taking out his daughter. In 2016, Dean Evans, the marketing officer for Hyundai was looking for ways to make people laugh with the brand. This year, he questions again how to get people to connect with the brand, “You have to come to the game and make people either laugh or cry,“ he said. “You really have to entertain them. They really expect, more than ever before, to be moved.”

And that is exactly what they are looking at accomplishing this year. Last year, Hyundai made you laugh, and this year, Hyundai will make you cry by showing you the once in a lifetime moments of happiness given to the few military men who are overseas working to keep our country safe. Hyundai is taking a huge part to show their appreciation for the military for giving our nation our many freedoms, and their vision has been in the works almost since the end of last year’s Super Bowl.

Hyundai, who is gaining significant attention for their innovative commercial (which will not qualify for the USA Today Ad meter), is thrilled to be creating a commercial that appeals to all sides of the nation’s political divide, despite the current division happening within the states. There are many things that bring us together, and the Super Bowl is one of them, despite what some would say.

So, there you have it, Hyundai will be filming their commercial in real time, with our beloved military at the forefront, so grab your tissues, hold tight to your loved ones and prepare for something sweet and moving.

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What do you think of Hyundai’s Super Bowl commercials? Add your comments below!


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