One Man’s Journey from Sidewalks to Switchbacks

hiking in colorado springs

Walks around the block are not enough anymore. Colorado contains a bounty of trails waiting to be explored, so why have I been content with a daily commute? Why do I opt to stroll down local sidewalks or jog around a rec center track while tourists take full advantage my home state’s natural beauty? Thrill-seeking has never been in my nature, but I aim to make this summer a watershed season. My overall objective: a transition from suburban walks to bona fide hiking. I will figure out the details as I go. Right now: the main priority is simply to start. Truth be told, taking action is not my forte. I would much rather sit down and think an entire venture through before initiating the first step. I cannot help but wonder if my motivation is simply hype fueled by others’ influence.

Social pressure does seem to be a culprit. I would call it peer pressure, but that would imply a singular age group. In reality, the explorative spirit knows no demographic boundaries. Nowadays, my dad walks for the sake of his back, but he was running, skiing, and hiking at my age. Among my coworkers, a blended sample of both the millennial generation and Generation X, there are several regular walkers – and a lone BMX enthusiast. (As I write, a handful of them are planning a hike this very weekend.) The closest of my college friends have been known to take impromptu excursions through the backwoods areas of campus. In my situation, the idea of exploring nature could not exactly be called a novel concept.

At the same time, a collection of personal desires propels my choice. As someone who beholds Pikes Peak every morning, I would like to finally trek to its summit this year. If people journey to Colorado during their valuable vacation time, then maybe its idyllic attractions are worth investigating. Also, hiking combines physical activity with the potential for meaningful conversations. I have always been in love with both in theory. Now all that remains is to translate those sentiments into action.

I have an idea of what to expect from research. I’ve combed through trail reviews and attempted to familiarize myself with the lingo. The practice appears to be straightforward. Walking outdoors plus short bursts of climbing plus nature gazing equals a good hike. Recently, I have mostly been hoofing it through housing developments, but hiking does not seem like such a far cry from that. Besides, a pleasant change in scenery will be well worth any learning curve. Part of me feels ready to brave the nearest trail with gusto.

While I partly know what I am getting myself into, I remain open to the possibility of surprise. As a boy, my dad tried to learn swimming from a book. The water itself gave him a rude awakening. I recognize that research only goes so far, which is why I desire feedback. Hikers, what trekking tips would you share with a suburban walker? What are the websites not telling me? How much gear is necessary? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

These musings are brought to you by Phil Long Hyundai Chapel Hills: unofficial sponsors of Coloradan wanderlust.


HomeLink available on 2016 Hyundai Cars and SUVs

HomeLink available on 2016 Hyundai Cars and SUVs

Interconnecting the ability to connect your vehicle wirelessly with your home is now available in 2016 Hyundai cars and SUVs through the use of HomeLink.

Phil Long Hyundai Chapel Hills HomeLink 2016 Hyundai Cars
HomeLink integrated directly into your vehicle’s interior!

HomeLink is a vehicle-based wireless control system. It allows the control of your garage door, front gate, home security system, turning on and off the lights in and outside of your house, and even controlling home appliances and electronics, all from the comfort and convenience of your vehicle! Three buttons smartly integrated into the interior of your new Hyundai are all you need to have complete control over all the aforementioned features.

It is extremely easy to connect your vehicle and home through HomeLink, requiring only a few button presses. It works with nearly all garage door and gate opening systems, with a growing list of other radio-frquency controlled devices. HomeLink 5 can even tell you if you left your garage door open or closed, never leaving you worried about the state of your garage door. With seamless integration into your 2016 Hyundai car’s interior, HomeLink blends right in, while being able to control up to three devices, as well as being powered by your its electrical system, so batteries are never needed!

The list of partners and products aligned with HomeLink is ever-growing. It truly is one of the only in-vehicle products that gets more useful the longer you own it.

If you are interested in HomeLink and its ability to control features of your home from your 2016 Hyundai car or SUV, visit Phil Long Hyundai in Chapel Hills today. We will be happy to show you the ropes and answer any questions you may have, see us today!



Explore Colorado on a Road Trip in Your Hyundai!

Explore Colorado on a Road Trip in Your Hyundai!

We may be in the clear from these rouge snowstorms, and now it is a great time to take a road trip and explore Colorado!

Hyundai Road Trip Colorado Springs Colorado Phil Long
Take your Hyundai and Explore Colorado!

Windows rolled down, the convertible top open, sunglasses and tank tops is what makes a road trip! It’s a blast to get your friends together and go on a road trip, whether you are able to get away for an entire week, a weekend or even just a day trip, road trips are a staple of summer time. With winding roads through the Rocky Mountains, Colorado offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States!

Piling everyone into your car with snacks and good music is a great way to enjoy the Rocky Mountains, from up North in Fort Collins, to towns like Estes Park where Steven King got the inspiration for The Shining, to down South in Pueblo with the River Walk along the Arkansas River. If you have a longer time frame to get away, the town of Blackhawk, Colorado has legal gambling and is a great get away for all.

Road Trips in Colorado include the Top of the Rockies, a 115 mile drive that crosses three mountain passes, drops through four watersheds, has views of Colorado’s tallest peaks and even the headwaters of the Arkansas River. The Peak to Peak highway is only half the distance at 55 miles, and is one of Colorado’s most scenic drives. It stretches between Nederland and Estes park, taking you and your crew past the majestic mountains mentioned in “America the Beautiful,” including Longs Peak which towers at 14,255 feet, through open meadows and past small towns along the way such as Ward and Peaceful Valley.

Don’t wait, plan your road trip now! The best way to experience these great roads in Colorado is to get out there with your friends and road trip! Make a plan for an upcoming weekend, with the weather warming up we should be clear of any surprise snowstorms. Take some great photos and share with us, we would love to see you out enjoying your Hyundai!

Blue Link Available on New Hyundai Cars and SUVs

Blue Link Available on New Hyundai Cars and SUVs

Enjoy your drive more while being safer and more attentive behind the wheel with Blue Link, available on all new Hyundai leases and purchased vehicles at Phil Long Hyundai of Chapel Hills!

Phil Long Hyundai Chapel HIlls Blue Link BlueLink Colorado Springs CO
Phil Long Hyundai at Chapel Hills has a large inventory of Hyundai vehicles ready for you!

Blue Link is innovative technology that sends and receives messages to keep you connected at all times. You can access Blue Link using your smart phone, web application or even just the in-car system to locate things like gas stations along your drive or shortcuts to get you to your destination faster, you can also use Blue Link to remotely lock and unlock your car, use it to call for help and much more!

Blue Link is available in three package models, Connected Car, Remote and Guidance. The guidance package offers destination search powered by Google, POI web search and download, turn by turn navigation and SoundHound.

The Remote Package offers features such as remote start, remote door lock and unlock, stolen vehicle recovery, car finder, speed alert and more!

The Connected Care Package has includes the features of automatic collision notification, monthly vehicle health report, driving information, maintenance reminder and many more features.

Learn more about Blue Link at Phil Long Hyundai of Chapel Hills, there’s sure to be a package to fit your wants and needs on your new Hyundai, whether you are leasing or purchasing!

Vehicles for less than $10,000 in Colorado Springs

cars under 10000 colorado springs phil long hyundai chapel hills
See vehicles under $10,000 at Phil Long Hyundai Chapel Hills!

Phil Long Hyundai Chapel Hills has a large selection of vehicles priced below $10,000! Whether you are in need of a second vehicle for a daily driver or maybe a specific usage vehicle, we can get you into what you need. For less than $10,000 these vehicles are great for first time drivers and graduation presents as great reliable vehicles that introduce newer drivers to the roads. No matter your application and needs, we have inexpensive vehicles that suit you here at Phil Long Hyundai in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Continue to this link to learn more about our inventory of under $10,000 vehicles.

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Why Hyundai Tucson is Perfect for Colorado

Why Hyundai Tucson is Perfect for Colorado

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Hyundai Tucson Colorado Springs
Hyundai Tucson Colorado Springs

In Colorado Springs there a few things that we require from our vehicles that the rest of the country probably doesn’t require as much. More than average room to put our stuff in so we can go hiking or camping, better than average suspension for all the pot holes that we come across as a result of the rapidly changing weather, and higher than average fuel efficiency to combat those unpredictable prices of gas, and the up and down hills of this Rocky Mountain state that contribute to low fuel efficiency.

The Hyundai Tucson fits the bill perfectly. Here’s how!

Suspension that offers a smoother ride
For 2016 Hyundai redesigned the Tucson’s suspension system to include a multi-link, rear suspension system that provides a more stable response to rough terrain and uneven surfaces.


Cargo Space in the Hyundai Tucson
So you live in Colorado, not Los Angeles. That’s because you love nature! So take your Tucson skiing, hiking, camping, or whatever your favorite outdoor activity is. It has room to spare, even with the seats up. And with them down you’ll have more than enough room for large items in over 60 cubic feet of space.


Fuel Efficiency
How many other SUVs out there can offer as much room, and performance, while also offering an EPA-estimated 33 MPG Highway? Do your research, and find out for yourself! It’s not very common for that combination of features to be in one vehicle. Active ECO System technology provides improvement in real-world fuel economy
In Colorado Springs there’s one place that is recommended for the best price on the Hyundai Tucson, and that’s Chapel Hills Hyundai. Visit them today, and test drive one today!